In the Sea of Pink

A pink kitchen, a pink pushchair, a dolly with pink booties and a purple anorak face me from their place on the shelf.Turning to my right, directly opposite this sea of pink are army toys, big cars with shiny wheels and remotes.There are footballs too. Proper footballs. They have them over there too but they are soft with a Hello Kitty picture on.

A woman walks down the aisle where I've seemingly become rooted to the spot. She, like me is with her son. A boy who likes cars and kicking balls but has 'loads of them at home.' A boy who also happens to like dolls and dressing up and plastic kitchens too. 'No Darling,' his Mother says 'those are girls toys. You're not a girl are you?'

I'm not sure where to look. I take another glance left to right, watch my boy picking up toys and take his hand. We pick up a dolly, we pick up a pink pushchair. He runs happily down the aisles and I pay for his treats.

'For your sister are they?' Asks the squeaky voiced cashier.
'No,' I smile politely and walk away.

Screw society and their stereotyping, brain washing gender ideas. My son likes his dolly. And I think that's ace.

This post was written for a new blog I've found, BabyBaby. I'm loving the idea of the writing prompts. I've wanted to blog something like this for a while so thank you Sandy!


Baby Baby