Do Not Disturb!

You see this? I don't know why I made it because it doesn't do sod all. Neither of my children can read well enough to take on board a single word and let's face it, even if they could they'd completely ignore it and waltz on in.

I hang this sign on my bedroom door when I fancy a little mid afternoon nap. Not sure why I think I'm going to get away with it because I never do!

I hang it on my bathroom door when I need one of those long soaks in a hot bath covered in bubbles. I can't lock the door in case we have a 'I NEED a wee' situation so I have to keep my fingers crossed that no one notices I have slipped off...Except that doesn't happen because both my children are of course programmed from birth to sense my want for solo bath times and my Husbands bowel has seemingly been programmed in much the same way.

I've been foolish enough to hang it in the kitchen too. I thought maybe I'd get to sneak a few of those tasty biscuits I'd been eyeing up all day. Fool. You should always wait until bedtime! My children are there in a flash, my homemade sign flying in the air behind them as they rumble their greedy Mother and spoil my secret face stuffing moment.

So you see, I made one Of these signs and I'm not sure why..A part from joining in with the ever fabulous Story Of Mum I guess i was feeling optimistic for the future of my alone time?
What would your sign say? Would anyone take any notice?



  1. Teachers sometimes put on a hat or necklace or turn on a little lamp at their table to tell the kids they cannot approach unless their hair is on fire. We do this because we are doing intensive work with a small group of kids.
    Kids do need some sort of do not disturb signal but when they're our kids, I think they feel more free to ignore that :)

    1. Oh my really!? That doesn't happen here, maybe could learn a thing or two! It's a good idea, especially if it works and stops the children barging in when you're working with a group or even one pupil.
      I agree, mine just don't get it! :)

    2. hah no one would listen to me!
      Mine would probably say-go away I'm
      -Eating something unhealthy that I don't want to share
      -Trying to have a peaceful shower
      -Trying to get something done without little hands getting in the way!

  2. Love this Hannah! Looking forward to making lots more Do Not Disturb signs with you at #somum on Weds 10th! xx

  3. Mine are teens, can read perfectly well but would still ignore it! Fab idea though :))

    You made me giggle, when mine were (much) younger, if I used to eat something they'd want to pinch or shouldn't have, they'd demand to know what I was one I'd say cheese (he hates it), and to the other I'd say a tomato. Took years for them to twig I was scoffing chocolate! ;)


  4. love this, i think the kids sense those times when i am either in the bathroom, just sitting down, just opening a magazine and can hear the rustle of a biscuit packet no matter how quiet i am. they wait until i have walked from the kitchen and sat down, put the coffee to my lips then say "i want a drink" or just got in the shower and then "i want a wee" lol

  5. Love it Han. So pretty in pink too xx

  6. Mine can read but wouldn't see it.

  7. I think I would have to draw a picture of me looking really angry - maybe even morphing in to a monster before they'd think about stopping!