The Quick Weekend!

Our weekend started on Friday with Sports Day being held at Midges school. We met up with Jason's two sisters and had such a good time. Despite the fact it rained all day the children had a lot of fun and because there were so many of us none of our lot did an event without some moral support. I ran the track race with Midge which she thought was great fun and both my niece and nephew won golds! Yey! Here are two of my favourite photos from the day, one taken by my sister-in-law and one taken by me of my niece who spent most of the day in a world of her own (just not when coming first in shot put!)

'Best Cousins'
On Saturday morning we met up again at our local Wetherspoons for some breakfast. It must seem like we visit this restaurant all the time but it's just a coincidence! We had lovely big breakfasts and the children had a table all to themselves which meant us adults had relative peace to eat our meals which is always a bonus. I took this wonderful photo of my eldest nephew and youngest niece:

After breakfast I headed home with Midge and Little A. We all managed to grab a little nap because the night before was a bit of a no go sleep wise. Hubby left for his football game at 1pm so we waited a couple of hours for the 3pm kick off and wrapped up warm for some football fun. Despite the rain we had a lovely time watching 'Captain Daddy' and the children enjoyed the small children's park at the same time.

Midge looks ridiculously big in this photo but the bigger swings have been made really high! It was nice for me to able to watch Hubby and look after the children at the same time because this park is so small. Shame about the dog poop though! The children escaped it but my lovely pink converses didn't!!

Sunday was spent mostly relaxing and doing little. I did a bit of a housework and we did our food shop which was crazy for a Sunday. Hubby cooked us a lovely dinner which we enjoyed over the shouts and protests of two little ones refusing to sleep!

This weekend we're headed to Trevella Park in Newquay for a review which we are all super excited about. Hope you've had a great weekend and do tell me what plans you have for this week!

Cupcake Mumma x


  1. we sometimes visit this park and even i have trouble getting on the swing! they need to be lowered or more chipping put on the floor

    1. I know! My little legs had a right hard job getting both up and off the darn thing!!xx

  2. i have to pick up my nearly 7 year old to put him on the swing...its hard work!