Our Cambridge Holiday

Now I've had a couple of days sleep, I thought I'd share some of the highlights from our family holiday to Cambridge. For the most part we had wonderful sunshine but sadly did get caught in one rather heavy rain storm when we adventured into Cambridge. This happened to be one of the best days for me though because I got to meet my pen pal and social media buddy of six years Kerrie! It was ace and the children all got on too which was lovely. 

For 2 days we enjoyed a small music festival listening and dancing to local bands to the small hours. We camped in a caravan, had outdoor camp stove dinners and breakfast with the birds early in the morning. In the photo above you can see one of the very cool camper vans that turned up for the weekend. Hubby and I always get jealous when we see these! Midge playing with one of lawn games. My cousin selling her homemade items and supper of cereals in a mug: yum.

One of the acts was a Samba Band local to Cambridge. They were my favourite act and had everyone dancing.

When almost everyone had gone we took over a second caravan and joined in coffee mornings outside and visiting more family who have recently moved near by. Midge and Little A went exploring and we all had fun going on some countryside walks. We were pretty sad to leave but had a wonderful time.
I took some photos as we arrived at the train station in London and the view from the Taxi. I'm such a tourist, I love it! Midge fell asleep on the way to London on Daddy and the only photo of me on holiday was this one of Little A and I on the way to Kings Cross!

I want to thank my Aunt and Uncle for once again opening their home to us all. We had a lovely time and miss them very much already. Ice House 2015 here we come!

Cupcake Mumma

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