Back From Holiday and Cheerful!

Hello! I am back from our 5 day break to Cambridge with family and feeling very good indeed! I'm missing the countryside a little but am grateful for the town today as I have had some success with my charity shop scavenger hunting. There is such a thing as being too far out in the sticks after all!

I thought I'd ease myself back into blogging with a lovely Reasons To Be Cheerful post. You can check out the rest of this weeks happy blogging community, by heading over to Mummy From The Heart.

1) We had a fabulous holiday, so it seems fitting to have this as my number one reason to be cheerful this week. We got back in the early evening of Wednesday and have been all go today. It was so wonderful to see my family,who I miss so very much already. I loved being surrounded by green, green and more green! There were birds to listen to in the morning, owls to hear at night. The caravan was comfy after day 3 (when my parents vacated the larger one!) and the children had an absolute wonder of a time!

The bottom field where the 'Beyond The IceHouse' music festival was held

2) We have a new addition to the Cupcake House! Meet Missy, our lovely kitten. She's very playful and
always up to no good so her original name 'Petal' was quickly thrown out in favour of a more fitting name for her! I am in love already...she doesn't know her jabs are due next week and that she's on the list to be 'done' as soon as she's ready and I'm sure once she finds out she won't be loving me so much for a while!

3) My Little A is talking more and more since he has come back from holiday and Midge has gained confidence with animals since being surrounded by them for days on end. She used to be really frightened of dogs, but since the holiday she has been a lot calmer around them and so have I come to think of it.

So, short but sweet (I like to think!) I've come back wanting to get started on my garden, to sort the children's bedroom so it is finally a perfect place for them to relax and rest. I also have plans to freshen up the rest of the house, start some homemade gifts to maybe sell in the future and get started on at least 2 Holistic Therapy courses. Phew!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.



  1. aww missy is soooo cute! i wonder if ill see her on her travels as i only live the road, there was a really interesting cat program on recently and cats have a pretty big territory, my eldest keeps asking us for one but we are not allowed :(

    1. Aw maybe you will see her on day! This is the first house where we've been allowed a pet, it's taken us a while to agree thought!x

  2. I know what you mean about the after holiday feeling, we got back last Friday and it seems to have been none stop since.
    Welcome to new member of Cupcake Family.

    1. Thanks Nikki, you just come back to earth with a bump huh?!

  3. Ohh Missy is a cutie, glad your holiday was a good one. Mich x