Crafty Creatives: A Favourite so Far!

This month the lovely people at Crafty Creatives have put together a rather sweet treat for us..Almost literally! I adore this box (CCBox 12) and have already been busy making things with the contents. Shall I show you what wonderful items we were treated to this month? Oh okay then!

How could I, Cupcake Mumma, not Oh and Ah and practically squeal with delight upon opening this latest box? We have this splendid art card which is just wonderful. I love the illustrations of the gummy bears, sweet jars and lollies. Also in the box is a recipe card from that lovely Cathryn Dresser of British Bake Off fame (I love that show), a mini cookie cutter (I received a heart shaped one) and some little embellishments for use on card, gift tags, fabric- anything really! 
In the final picture you can see ice cream buttons, cupcake ribbon in blue, tags to decorate and have fun with designing and some brightly coloured ring beads.

 Here is a close up of the full set of ice cream buttons. You can really jazz up an item of clothing, stick the ice cream firmly in place to the cone and loop through some chain for a unique necklace, or even snip the back off (carefully) to use as embellishments. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, the kit this month is a cross stitch kit with a variety of patterns to choose from. The kit comes with everything you need, as usual, even down to the little needle placed carefully in the fabric. Talking of fabric, included is a wonderful piece which I have forgotten to photograph! I'm sure someone will have a photo somewhere! The last treat in my box were 3 cakes which I have already turned into necklaces.

I think you'll agree that this is quite a fabulous box for June. Next month Crafty Creatives turn One! Look out for a truly great box I'm sure! As usual, I'm not sent these boxes to review. I pay for them and enjoy them as part of my crafting hobby and love to blog about them. I have inspired many a crafty mind to sign up so it's working!!

Have fun,
Cupcake Mumma x


  1. What a lovely little box of goodies! Oh if I had the time to work with crafty things right now I'd sign up. Perhaps in the future. :)

    1. I hope in the future you do! There are some wonderful treats in these boxes!