Hairdressing Hell

I partially blame myself for this grouchy mood I'm in. You see, it started off well, then one awful haircut and one miserable husband (totally unrelated) later, I'm just not in the mood for Friday.
We ventured out into town with a very specific task: get Little A's hair cut. It's quite long these days and has started to get easily matted. He also has a terrible habit of rubbing his hands in his hair, especially to rid them of sticky sweets or crisp crumbs!

We turned up at 9am, the opening time of the salon.Except it was closed. After 20 minutes, Little A being only 2 started to get a bit grouchy. We went home, collected his buggy and browsed the shops. At half ten we went back to the hair dressers and were promptly seen.It goes down hill from here. The hair dresser was teasey. I don't know if she disliked my child's response to being sat in the chair or if she had no children of her own, either way my hackles were already raised.

I tried to calm him down and for a second it seemed he might play along with Mummy's stupid plan. Until the first few chops were made to his gorgeous blond hair! For the next 15 minutes (it felt like an hour) the hair dresser huffed, puffed and was visibly irritated by Little A. I don't ever tend to feel like snapping at a stranger but I could feel the Motherly protection bubbling up inside of me. Instead of making a bad situation even worse though, I just tired to soothe Little A as much as I could, with little success.

The hair cut was supposed to cost £5. Needless to say Husband doubled it and gave a tip to the hairdresser. I understand that all she wanted to do was her job and do it well. She wasn't happy with his hair but to me he looks fine. I suspect there may have been a little sniping once we left the salon but I could be wrong of course. I also understand that as well wanting to do a good job she is in the difficult position of being in charge of scissors and a very upset and eventually tantruming toddler. That's not easy to deal with. (See, I am a reasonable person)

I'm actually really annoyed at myself more than anything or anyone else. I'm annoyed that I put my son through 15 or 20 minutes of hell (for him) when if I had just taken him home for his sodding, effing nap he probably would've been a totally different child.
I'm annoyed that I wasn't more forceful and insisted that I sat with him. It's how Midge had her first hair cuts. I'm annoyed that I didn't bring his 'blankie' so he had no comfort.
I've resolved that never again will I take my boy, at this age, to the salon. He will have a nap, he will have his blanket and he will have his Daddy.


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  1. oh no, what a horrid hairdresser! my youngest has long blonde hair which i take him to the salon to have cut, there is one in town i wont take him back to (also cost £5) because after cutting it she styled it how she wanted then carried on cutting. i said his hair wont stay in that style, it falls into a centre parting, so she huffed and we walked out with uneven hair :-s doesnt help that youngest crys and hates it too :(