Early Fathers Day Post

My Dad means the world to me. He's full of quick come backs, sarcasm,honesty and lots of good advice. He's more cuddly in his old age (shhhh) and laughs more which is nice. As I've grown up I've become closer to my Dad. I can see how, looking back, we were so, so alike that it made us just fight. We were both so stubborn, we never listened to what each other had to say and as most parents do, it ended with the parent being right and the teenager skulking off to brood angrily in her bedroom!

All that is in the past. We are much closer now. I can't think of being without my Dad, I honestly can't.  He's the man that taught me to read, that laughed when I cried through the fear of telling him I was pregnant (I thought he was going to kill me!) He taught me to whistle one evening when what he really wanted to do was have a long bath after working with horses all day!

Now he's into playing guitars, writing songs, tending to his garden, bike riding and studying with the Open University (he's 52- that's a pretty inspiring list of things to do!) He's sung me songs over Skype and is the only person who can cover a SnowPatrol song I like (seriously, I hate all covers of Chasing Cars I've ever heard) In short, he means the world to me.


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  1. I have had two Fathers both past away one when I was just twelve years old and the second was thirty years ago I do remember them as each Fathers day comes around, so everyone who still has their Dad around I hope you have an amazing day with him
    Grandmas LittleCorner