Happy Days with my Niece

I have 2 nieces. For the purpose of my blog they are known as 'G' and 'Little T'. They are two scrummy, lovely little girls. G is now in reception at the same school as her twin brother and Midge, so spending time with her is difficult. Spending time with all of them is pretty difficult to be honest! When we do see each other though it is precious and exciting.

On Thursday I woke up feeling really happy about 2 things. One, Midge was being dropped into school by one of her Aunties so I didn't have to get my lazy butt into gear as much as usual, and two, Little T was coming to stay for the whole day!

As her Mum drove off to get ready for a wedding, Little T was left with Husband and I for the first time in a long while. She sized us up a bit and then walked about the house to get an idea of her surroundings for the next 7 hours or so....the day started with this face:

But a bit of lunch, a shopping trip for groceries, some playtime with Little A and a bit of Max and Ruby later she was perfectly happy in our company: yey! She started to babble a bit, laughed when I played about with her and I just felt so happy to be with a little baby again! Later on we went out together (looking very pink!) leaving Little A asleep and Husband on the PlayStation.

We went for a scavenger hunt in the charity shops where I found a pretty sunhat for her and bought a new dress (may have handed over a biscuit teddy with chocolate feet to a one year old in some serious heat!) so it that was a nessecity. We then walked about town for a little while just enjoying the sunshine. It was nice to not force a child into a buggy for once!

We had such a lovely day together despite not really doing anything exciting. Once Little A had woken up we all went out to get the rest of the clan from school...six children and 2 adults! We sure got some odd looks on the walk home! All the children came back to ours, had a biscuit each and played until Nanny came to collect them.

I love watching all of them play together, it's so nice. I hope it's like this for a long time to come!

Do you want to see how the day ended?

With Smiles!!


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  1. First time I've seen Little T since she was born I think! Didn't realise how big she'd got already! And her eyes are HUGE! Glad you had a great day :) xxxxx