Reasons to be Cheerful

It's that time of the week again where I share some reasons that I have to be happy about my life be it big or small. I have other things going on, I'm just so tired and so lonely sometimes. I find it hard to look for the 'good things' some weeks even if they're obvious! This is a happy post though! *Bats away negative vibes*

Here are my Reasons to be Cheerful for  this week!

1) I ordered 2 night lights the other day and they turned up this afternoon. I think they're so pretty. The toadstool is for Midge and the bunny is for my very girly room (sorry hubby)...(I'm not sorry)

2) We're heading off to Plymouth next Saturday which is something to look forward to. Hubby has been working really hard all week doing overtime so we can have some extra pennies and a family day out. We'll be getting some clothes for our upcoming holiday to Cambridge. I have a feeling I'll be packing two types of clothing just in case!

3) Little A has been saying more sentences this week. He now says 'Where you gone?' and 'Where are you' which is adorable.He's still not saying much else and we're working on limiting the dummy in the daytime before nighttime just as we did for Midge.

I hope you all have some reasons to be happy this week too.

CupcakeMumma x

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