Christmas Lights..Already?

Who doesn't like fairy lights? I get why they're seen as Christmas lights of course I do but I think those pretty little lights are far too nice to stuff back in that box marked 'Xmas Decs' and shoved back into the loft don't you agree?

Some people don't agree actually and that's okay. It took a while to convince Hubby that by keeping fairy lights up nothing bad was going happen..yeah, he was worried. I now have some beautiful fairy lights hanging over my window next to my side of the bed. My room has a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere and I have enough light to read a book before bed. What could be better?

I know what could be better and thanks to UKChristmasWorld I have better. I was very kindly sent a set of solar powered lights that are in the form of dragonflies to review. They are so pretty!

Now, due to some pretty nasty weather the wind made a good job of our garden fence (by which, I mean it totally tore it down) I couldn't show them off in the way they were intended to be shown off.
This, however, is not a problem. As long as you place the mini solar panel which charges the lights in a place of natural light (your windowsill) your lights will work perfectly well by the time you get to snuggle into bed with that book. Here they are in action:

They even change colours! I like the green which is unusual for me.

I've placed the lights in my children's  room because they were just as taken with them as I was. I've seen these lights around before but they snapped easily, were poorly made or really cheap looking. These lights are not thin, they are not 'cheap' looking (and no, not because they are expensive, they retail at the very good price of £14.99)

When our garden is back to its best I will definitely be buying some more. See, this fairy light thing isn't such a bad idea is it?



  1. Those are SO pretty! I love them. <3

  2. Oh they are gorgeous - I am totally taken with them :-)
    Liska x

  3. I have these on my pear tree outside! I must admit when I bought them I was horrified at the Christmassy feel to them, also we have some bluey tinted lights on another tree and sometimes it is a bit much LOL but still...they're cheery! X