Craft Time!

Where have I been? I have not blogged properly in a while which is very odd for me. I've been a bit tired, my anxiety has been causing all sorts of problems for me but otherwise I'm good! I've decided to blog about my most recent Crafty Creatives box because I haven't written about them in a while and I'm feeling creative so why not?

The theme for this months box is Glamour. Not my usual thing I must admit. I usually wait for the post man to bring my box before I read any spoiler posts but I gave in this time and peeked! I honestly didn't know what to expect from the theme and I'm a lot more into it than I thought I would be!

This art card is beautiful. I have already framed it by putting some of the included velvet fabric behind the card and it's now hanging by my bed. Every box comes with an art card and there isn't a single one I haven't liked so far.

 There are some lovely pieces in this box. Here are some silver beads which will make a lovely bracelet, green crystals and a pair of teardrop shaped stones which will be made into a pair of earrings for someone I love. Crafty Creatives were even kind enough to include ear hooks and jump rings too.

 This months kit is all about making a pretty hair clip.I can't wait to have a go and see what I come up with!

There's this lovely stamp and gold ink pad which looks so pretty. I'll be using the stamp on the back of my envelopes for my letter writing.

Finally there is this black trim included and a beautiful rose which I'll probably pop onto a ring blank for use as a statement piece of jewelry. There are some other items included but I won't spoil everything (winks)

Hope you enjoy your CCBox this month and if you want to know more, head over here to check out the fabulous Crafty Creatives site.



  1. Thought you'd been a bit quiet. Love the stuff :) x

  2. so beautiful! love the craft box theme idea!
    and that card is gorgeous! i love the glam crafty stuff!

    1. It's a very pretty theme this month I must admit so it's ideal for me!