Weekend of Fun! Part 1

I hope you all had the weather we had down here at the weekend because it was lovely! I spent both Saturday and Sunday morning on the edge of 'is it or isn't it going to rain?' but it didn't- thankfully! We ended up having a fantastic weekend thanks to the lovely sun and some heat!

On Saturday we took full advantage of Husband not playing football and spent the whole day just the 4 of us. Originally we were going to hop on a bus and travel to St.Ives but I decided that wasn't a good idea. Not only would the place be full of people on such a nice day, St.Ives is home to a lot of homemade, crafty goodness. My bank balance just wouldn't be able to cope! 

We opted for a more local day out. We checked out the new 99p store then headed to the car boot sale a bit further on. There were lots of sellers outside which was great because we haven't been up to the car boot in a long time due to the bad weather. I can't imagine many people have been standing out there selling stuff (that's for the hardcore!)

I found some good items though, such as: A good sized Elmo teddy which still talks. It's supposed to vibrate too but it is a bit old. We all love him (although he's mine!) and he only cost me a pound! I picked up a sweet little key cupboard, also for a pound and a gravy boat (a pound again!) which is the first gravy boat I've ever owned. I've always wanted one, lets face it, gravy in mugs just isn't right! After our little car boot adventure we explored the pet shop and went for a treat in McDonald's.


It was such a great day and I hope football season doesn't start for a long time! This Saturday we're looking forward to a little pre-holiday shopping trip to Plymouth. I'll be blogging tonight about our lovely Sunday at the park with a few extra little people! 


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  1. What a lovely post. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that bring us such joy xx