15/31 Timeline of you Day

Little Miss will come into our bedroom with kisses and hugs while Little Man will be playing in his cot. We're very lucky to still get this kind of lay in and don't plan on changing it until the summer when we have to get ready for the new school run! Why not!?
Little Man will be having his bottle and change while Little Miss will be eating her breakfast. Other Half and I get our breakfast around 9am or whenever we fancy.

Little Man goes down for his first nap.
Little Miss usually watches a film with us for a while before getting ready for school
Little Miss gets ready for nursery, bag checks are done, hair is brushed and teeth are cleaned.
Little Man usually wakes up so he'll be bundled in the buggy for the school run. He gets really teasy waiting in his pushchair but as soon as the door opens he gets really excited.

We have the 15 minute wait at the gates which gives Little Miss a chance to play freely with her school friends before being called in and gives me a chance to have a natter with some of the Mums (sometimes!)
Casual walk home with Little Man after the drop off. Sometimes I'll go to town or sometimes just go straight home to Other Half.
Lunch for Little Man and something to nibble on for me!
Little Man goes down for his second nap so from now until 2.45pm I'll tidy, read, blog, watch TV or just do whatever I fancy until school pick up

I'll walk to school to get Little Miss come rain or shine we're kept waiting out there! Little miss will run out and dump all her things on me before taking my hand and leading the way.
We'll be home, Little Man will be awake waiting for his big sister (very cute) they'll munch some biscuits or a little treat before tea time.
I'll put tea on around now and say goodbye to Other Half as he leaves for work.

Dinner time! Usually a battle. I don't know why Little Miss won't eat a decent home cooked meal but still we try.
Little Man has his milk and change for bed. He'll be settled giving Little Miss and I the chance for some quality time.
Little Miss has her story, change and bed. We have some cuddles and kisses and then I'll settle Little Man down again. He always wakes around now as if to call his sister to bed.

When the children go to bed that's when I blog, do a bit of exercise or even bake something. Currently I'm between watching films or The Inbweeners and painting my kitchen. I like to not just sit and stare at my computer screen and I must admit that cutting down on Twitter has really helped!

What do you get up to in day?


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