Weigh Lose or Stay ~ Week 1

I've just stumbled across a new to me blog called Laura's Lovely Blog and I was drawn to her new Weigh, Lose or Stay linky. I've been feeling less and less confident and more and more self conscious in my everyday life. I feel I'm just getting bigger. I feel bloated all the time and it's getting me down. I need some motivation and I guess heading to this link up might give me some support in moving forward!

I'm not on any specific diet or exercise programme. I will be doing the best I can with exercise at home as this is my cheapest option also with foot injuries I can't push myself too much! I'm super lazy, the only exercise I do is the school run. I don't eat awfully but I don't eat great either and this has to change.

I'm currently over 10 stone which will sound nothing to some people but I'd like to get back to 9. Mainly I'd just like to lose the weight I have on my stomach, hips and tone up in general.

Reasons to Lose Weight:

To feel fitter when playing with the children.

To love myself more instead of feeling rubbish all the time.

For my health. Losing weight and eating healthier will improve my digestive problems, my energy levels and sleep. And a host of other things!


To get to 9 stone again (or feel more comfortable in those areas I want to target, whichever comes first!)

To stop my constant need to eat. I eat all the friggin time and I'm driving myself nuts. When I'm down, bored, happy it's food I want.

To exercise more and become comfortable with myself. Knowing that even if all I do is 20 minutes, at least I am doing something.

To cook healthier meals.

I hope to make some blogging buddies here and get some support. I think in my next post I should update on any exercise I managed and I might do measurements instead of weight? Do share in the comments below any free from recipes, encouragement or links to your own posts so I can read and help support you too!

Cupcake Mumma

Weigh, Lose or Stay - Laura's Lovely Blog

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