A-Z Challenge: F

F is for: Football, Fun and Family!

I'll be honest. Two of those 'F's' are my loves but the first one definitely is more to do with my Husband and children! Every Saturday is football day for the Husband and boy does he love it. He'll prepare his kit when he gets home late from work, he'll grab spares for his team mates and generally act like a small kid. The reason he gets so excited is because football is his 'me time' and we all need that don't we?

As he leaves early I tend to just sort the house out and get the children ready. I won't watch him play if it's really raining but on a nice day it's a really good activity to do with Midge and Little A. They both love watching Daddy in goal (and he is good so of course I'm very proud!) they love playing with the spare footballs the team leave laying around and the best thing is, when they're bored of watching Dad play they can go to the park instead! 

Playing nicely together (for 5 minutes)
Daddy in goal. Go Dad!!

Usually when the game is over we manage to have some family time before it's bath and bed for the Little Ones and dinner prep for us! As we live in Cornwall a good Cornish pasty is never far away and both Daddy and Little A are fond of them. If Dad forgets to share though this is what happens:

Chilling with Midge after grabbing Daddy's pasty from the bag! He's good this one!

Because my Husband works late and often there's school we don't get much family time during the week. Like most families we try and aim for some quality fun time at the weekends and football is one way of getting this time together to have fun and relax.

The best thing about weekends though is that Husband doesn't work at all. I really love this because it means I'm not alone to do the bedtime stories and Midge can chat about her day with both of us and not just me. Bedtime is usually pretty stressful in this household no matter what we do but there is 10 minutes or so of total peace and calm before the laughing and messing around starts. With those 10 minutes we just lay there reading a bedtime story and doing this:

I flipping love my family!


A to Z Challenge [2013]