This Weeks Reasons to be Cheerful

Hello! It's just gone midnight and I know I should be sleeping but I find it so hard to get rest when Husband is still working. This week he's been doing some unpaid overtime until 3am so he can qualify for a fork lift license. Probably sounds rubbish to most but in a factory job it's pretty useful and it means he'll have a national qualification which is always a great thing. 

Here are my Reasons to be Cheerful this week:

1) I have gone back into my childhood and re started an awesome collection of Care Bears. Everyone remembers the Care Bears and how cute they are right? I used to adore watching them on the television when I was a little girl but I hadn't thought twice about them since my Little Ones were born (only to complain how over done they are now much like Noddy, Rupert Bear and the rest..) Anyway, I found a bear in my local charity store and couldn't walk away. I bought it for a pound and all of a sudden I needed more!

I plan on adding one a month so I don't kill my bank. Some are quite rare now!

2) Our Easter holidays are going pretty well. We haven't done anything amazing although this Saturday we're hoping to escape on a bus somewhere (possibly where we used to live!!) if we do I can't wait because I used to live in a really beautiful, rural area. You can't beat that.

3) Things are getting on top of me a bit at the moment I can't lie.Money, mess, clutter the children's room being damp and in need of decorating (but when? How do you paint a child's room when there is no where else to sleep and no where else to go? Answers on a postcard please) Despite all of these niggling concerns I have a wonderful Husband who works very hard, I have a determination to make savings and 2 wonderfully, healthy children. I really am perfectly content once I brush the crap aside.

I hope you're all having a good week as well. If you have some Reasons to be Cheerful, please do hop on over to Claire here where you can read and share your cheerful posts too.

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