UK Mug Swap 2013!

If you were a follower of my blog last year then you may have seen a gift swap I set up. I've been going to and fro with my decisions on hosting another swap but after a quick Twitter check it seems another mug swap would be just the thing to cheer up some peoples month.

So, if you like mugs, have a collection you enjoy adding to or maybe you have had a clear out recently and fancy adding some new ones to your cupboard, you may be interested in my 2013 Mug Swap.

If you fancy taking part there's only one thing I ask of you:

*That if at any time you feel you cannot complete your swap you kindly let me know so your swap partner doesn't miss out on a great swapping opportunity. Either myself or one of my fab blogging friends will come through for you and take over your swap. Please don't worry If you have to pull out, things happen, that's life.*

Mugs can be handmade if you're super talented, they can be ordered online, from local stores or heck, even my local pound store have wonderful looking mugs. If you would like to, adding little extras is absolutely fine but not a requirement. Last year I received a fabulous mug and some extra goodies and I sent out tea bags to go with my theme, the only required item in this swap is well, the mug!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then do email me at cupcakemumma at You can also DM me on Twitter where you'll find me as @Cupcakemumma11

Ill need your name, your blog URL so your swap partner can do a bit of stalking (in the best possible way honest!) your postal address and mail address for your partner if you wish to chat and i'll mail you all the first week of May the details of your swap partner. If all mugs could be exchanged by the end of May that would be fab but make sure you keep in contact with your partner to let them know if you'll be late posting.

I'll post a linky so we can all share the Mug Love at the beginning of June!

Happy Swapping!