Reasons To Be Cheerful

So far this week has been very good. I am absolutely freezing cold but put that to one side and I'm perfectly content with everything else! Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week.

I'm really pleased that on Monday I found some motivation to really start the de-cluttering process. The main room I want to get started on is the children's room. I finally managed to clean it up, hoover and re-arrange it. All we have to do now is get rid of an old toddler bed and re paint the walls. I love a nice tidy room!

I've been carrying on with some good deeds. I'm using my post it notes to leave little messages randomly about the place which the family are finding quite fun! I noticed a gentlemen trying to leave a local store on his rather large mobility scooter but he was in a bit of bother. Plenty of people were walking passed him and ignoring his need for help so I stepped in to move 2 heavy boxes and a stupid cat bench which were in the way! I felt good about myself that day!

There's a school trip coming up in two weeks. I love volunteering for school trips becuase the children are so pleased to get out and about. Plus, I get a free visit to an attraction I haven't been to before! My sister is also coming back in two weeks which is something to be very cheerful (and excited) about!

What are your Reasons to be Cheerful this week? Do link up!


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