My Mothering Sunday

Photo by Midge
 I had such a lovely day yesterday. It all changed a bit last minute because Husband was called and asked to play football for a rather good team so he said he'd make up the lack of breakfast in bed for a nice dinner!

The children brought me up some toast, a large card and a new pillow while I sat in bed waking up. I had some cuddles before getting up, saying goodbye to Husband and getting ready for the day. We all waited for Grandma to come so we could go over to Great Grandma's house as a surprise for Mother's Day. It was a lovely day and as an extra surprise, my Aunt and Uncle had arrived as well! I haven't seen them since my wedding so it was a lovely little family day.

We had a massive lunch and a choice of 3 desserts (I had a bit of all 3- pig!) but it was so delicious I couldn't help myself! The children found Great Grandma's special room where she meditates which fascinated them. What they really loved about the room though was it is Fleas little room to relax when there are a lot of people around.
Playing and stroking Flea

Little Man brought his trains with him and  made a point of chatting a load of nonsense, being loud and spending some quality time with his Great Uncle. It was lovely to see. Midge played and spent time looking around at Great Grandmas various treasures. She helped lay the table and was really good about eating her dinner. She was really sad to leave and asked if we were staying the night!

When we arrived home it was really nice to see Husband as I had missed him. He had a good game, had done the washing up and was all set to cook me roast when I had to break it to him I'd already had a massive roast for lunch complete with a large pudding helping! He was fine with it and put on some tea for him and some hash browns with peas for me- that was about all I could manage!

I had a lovely Mothers Day so thank-you Little Man and Midge!



  1. What a beautiful photo of you! It sounds like you had a super day :) xx

  2. Ah, sounds like a good day for all.

  3. You know what, you have a really lovely smile, that's a great photo of you. Glad to hear you had such a good mother's day with family and good food which is always a bonus. It's nice to be spoilt once a year isn't it. :O)