What do you get for Climbing up a Mountain?

Well, you raise a shed load of money which is always awesome (and can still be topped up here by the way!) but in my case you also get a good and proper knackered knee!

I've just come back from the doctors after 2 weeks of hoping this little niggle would go away. After being laughed at by Little Man this morning when going down the stairs on my backside was the most comfortable way to tackle them I thought I best head off to town and wait my turn to see the good old GP.

Luckily I was able to nab a sit and wait appointment, I think I would've spent all weekend sobbing like a wuss otherwise. As I suspected there is nothing to see and not much to feel (which is good) but I've been instructed to rub this lovely smelling cream on my knee a good few times a day and have a few forms to fill in. Yes, my knee has decided it apparently doesn't want to work anymore so I need some physiotherapy to encourage it back to its old self again.

In the mean time I'm hoping to get out of some school runs, have a nice, warm bath and some sympathy (fat chance) I'm looking forward to watching Comic Relief on TV tonight with a hot chocolate and my coursework. I'm in a fair bit of discomfort but it's totally worth it.

I feel I should make it clear though that if you want to climb Mount Snowdon perhaps do some training, wear knee supports and be aware that on the way down some routes you'll be pretty much squatting for 3-4 hours. If your knees can't deal with that then maybe you should consider a different walk!

Anything I should do to make my poor old knee feel a bit better? Chocolate cake you say? What a good idea!