A Year in Gifts: February

Last month I started my Year in Gifts by sending a friend who needed cheering up a little surprise in the post. I don't like to just send things without people knowing they are coming but for this giving project of mine it feels so important that these are genuine surprises to my recipient and so any clue of their arrival would some how spoil it.

I knew in the middle of February who my next gift receiver would be as she had just had a beautiful little baby in December. As usual I was pretty late in sending my 'welcome to the world' gifts and then I felt my friend really needed cheering up, so I did a bit of re-jiggling and posted my next parcel off with success!

Who did I send to this month? The lovely and very wonderful fellow blogger Hannah of Make do and Push! Her gorgeous little girl was born right at the end of 2012 and I  just had to send something to mark her arrival. I also wanted to include some gifts for Hannah because she is a lovely lady and a wonderful Mother to her little girl.

What did I send?

A MiaMoo set for Hannah to enjoy a bit of pampering. I have a set of MiaMoo products which I won last year and all the moisturisers are still going. I hope Hannah gets to use all of these products and enjoys them as much as I did (and still do!)

For the Little One, a cute little pink elephant I just couldn't ignore. I know, who needs extra teddies? But it's sweet and very soft! My Little Man and Midge had tiny toys like this and when they started teething they never looked the same again! Poor teddies..
The purple wrapping said teddy is sitting on includes a very warm and lovely cellular yellow blanket for Hannah's daughter. I hope it keeps her warm or maybe becomes a comforter like my Little Mans. It really is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

And of course another gift for Hannah. A nice bar of Galaxy chocolate and some hot chocolate to go with it. Apparently this gave me away (along with my cupcake parcel tape!) because I love drinking my hot chocolate and goodness knows I go on about it enough!

So there you have it. Another gift sent out for 2013.I love the tweets or texts I get when my gifts reach where they're meant to be. Just to let someone know you're thinking about them is such a powerful thing don't you think?

I also sent another gift out this month. I won't detail the recipient of this gift but I hope it reaches its destination in one piece. I think it's fairly obvious who this gift is for and all I will say is this: I cried my heart out from start to finish packing this up.
CupcakeMumma x