When Little Man Turned 2!

Yesterday was such a lovely day but I still can't believe my Little Man is 2 years old all of a sudden! We started off the day with some birthday pancakes which has become a tradition in our house (apart from Husband who hates pancakes- weirdo!) We all had them smothered in chocolate spread which was delicious.

After breakfast, Midge's friend came over so her Mum could have a break as she's been a bit unwell. Little Man played with the girls until Grandma arrived shortly followed by Auntie Fiona. He was all about the cards this little guy! He opened a pair of lovely new trousers and some new black shoes to wear about the town.
Later on, Auntie Emmie came over with yet more presents: some Thomas Tank shoes (these went down a treat and were tested out in the evening on the way to our meal) he also got a racing car mat for downstairs, some new tops and a Thomas Tank DVD (his first one!) No more relying on Netflix then!

Playing with his Bin Truck from Grandad
He also received a fantastic looking multi-coloured looking trike from his Nanny and Aunt which will be wrestled with as soon as I can muster the ability to keep swear words to myself. We bought him a bean bag chair, a play tent (which is currently being played with as I type) and a new dressing gown.

In the evening we ventured out to Wetherspoons for a nice family meal. Unfortunately Midge and Little Man were a little hyped up so they weren't as well behaved as they usually are but we dealt with all that the best we could! Our meals were really tasty (and very large):

Little Man had a fantastic day and he must have played and laughed so very much because from 7pm onwards i didn't hear a single peep from him until half 8 this morning!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Little Boy xx Mummy xx



  1. Aww bless him :) Looks like he had a fun day x

  2. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Sounds like it was a fun birthday and that he got some great things.