Before Your Birthday..

My Little Man,

Tomorrow you turn 2 years old. I have felt that these 2 years have plodded along quite nicely but then, all of a sudden here we are. You're fast asleep in the bedroom you share with your big sister, Midge (who you adore may I add!) Downstairs I have placed your new pop up tent in the front room with a present from Midge and a Thomas Tank Engine bean bag. It looks so cosy, I know you will love it!

From the minute I held you in my arms Little Man I knew we'd have such a special bond. Everything was so different when you arrived which meant we were able to bond quicker and easier than your sister and I. We're all super close now though which is a wonderful feeling!

You really are coming into your own now my Little Boy. You're cheeky and mischievous and hate to be left out. When your big sister has friends over you try and talk to them, play and join in their games despite having no idea what they're going on about! Unlike your sister it's a real challenge to get a good photo of you. You're not such a willing subject and Mummy has to be supper fast!

I cannot believe you have gone from this:

To this:

You can say a few words now you're paying attention a bit more. You say 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' (and Mumma) you can say your sister's name (which was your first word!) I get a few kisses here and there and plenty of hugs from you throughout the day. Daddy jokes that you're my little limpet.
Sometimes we still co-sleep (when Daddy lets us!) You and your blanket are almost permanently attached which is the sweetest thing ever and both you and Midge always get lovely comments about how well behaved and how close you seem.

I'm very proud to have you as my son Little Man and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow.
Love you forever,
Mummy xxxx

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