My Little Man will be 2 in just a few weeks time. He said his first word at, heck I don't remember but I know it was his sisters name and that it was incredibly sweet to hear him say it.

From there it was, in no particular order: 'Hi,' 'bye,' 'lub yoo' then just recently 'love you' as well as the usual Mum, Dad, 'uh oh' and 'oh well.' He hasn't started joining words together just yet and I don't expect him to.When the time comes however I think,no wait I KNOW what his first, fully fledged sentence will be:

Watch out for the dog poo!!

It may not happen but currently, and not limited to my town, there seems to be a vile rise in the non collection of ones dog crap. In some cases there is so much dog poop on the pavements (especially and annoyingly on the school route) that I have invented a game which requires total alertness and super skills:

Buggy Poo Dodging.

I'm ace at it now, although times are bad at the moment. I actually have to go on the road to avoid serious wheel coverage. That's bad. And my skills in buggy poo dodging ain't that good.

In all seriousness though why can't certain people pick up their dogs leavings? Why can't these people see that their behaviour is totally disgusting and completely selfish? Twice I've been greeted by some pooches 5am leavings on my doorstep.

What can we do though? Not a lot I suppose. Ill just continue to hone my amazing buggy skills and hope pray that the aforementioned sentence is absolutely NOT my sons first.