Catch Up with The Cupcakes

Time for a little catch up I think. We haven't been up to anything amazing but everyday has potential with my two!

We've had the drag to ballet class Saturday (which always ends in a fantastic session and a prancing Midge) and the long awaited 5th birthday party. Midge invited 6 friends to her little tea party in our cosy little house and they all had a great time!

We played pin the tail on the donkey (which I'm convinced there was DEFINITE cheating involved,the little tykes!)

There was the must-have games such as musical statues, musical bumps and sleeping lions (best game ever invented!) Daddy even took it upon himself to learn the art of making balloon dogs:

There was, of course, cake. White, rainbow themed cake as promised. I couldn't be doing with coloured cake layers so I took the easy route and went with decorating the cake all simple and pretty.

We had bunting, colourful party bags and, wait for it: milkshake in mini glasses with funky straws and hundred and thousands:

Cool right? Yes, I know, Mum of the year award stuff that is!

Little Man has recently decided that he's far too big for his daytime naps and has taken to throwing himself out of his cot for a little toddle to the stairs before screaming 'Mum!!' It's very sweet, slightly annoying but just another step in the growing up direction!

Today I picked up his forms for starting nursery *sobs* which seems scary but don't worry, this Mummy won't be toddler-less until Easter next year so that's plenty of time for the Little Man to wreak havoc on the home!

He's also learnt how to say 'love you' so that saves his cute little bottom most of the time!

I'm knuckling down with the good old studying which is awfully dull sometimes but will explain any blogging absence (should there be any!)

Hope you are all having a good week!


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