10 Good Things January

So the first month of the year has come to an end. It's been a good month for me, a hard one for those close to me but I hope things improve soon.

I'm going to write 10 things for every month of this year in order to look back and find the goodness in my days. For every down day there are far more good ones.

If you feel like you want to write your own 10 Good Things then please do, I'd love to read them!

1) Myself and Little Man have found the perfect toddler group. Mums and Dads alike will know these are like gold dust but this one is small, not cliquey in the slightest and is one of the only groups apart from the library locally that is still free. Little Man loves it and I feel happy attending so I think it's a keeper!

2) We got a date for a festival my family hold every year and we're really excited to plan our trip. I love Cambridge and this year hope to explore a bit more!

3) My sister and I have had much more contact than we did last year which has been great. I know she's happy, having fun and meeting some lovely people.

4) I've had some fabulous reviews to do over January and I hope to get more. I don't do many reviews and I like it that way but what I do review I love and more often than not become a new customer myself!

5) I sent a surprise gift to a friend who was feeling a little low this month and it made her feel better. Of course this makes me feel good! As we approach February my next surprise gift will be going out. Yey!

6) With just one more photo to take I have finally, finally completed my first ever photo a day! Look out for my round up post tomorrow!

7) I'm feeling fitter! I lost a few pounds at the beginning of January and feel a bit healthier. I'm doing an Ab Fab February challenge, inspired by Cupcakemummy which I'm looking forward to..sort of! There will be before and after pics for this challenge!

8) Midge turned 5 and had an awesome birthday. When we eventually had her birthday party that too was thoroughly enjoyed!

9) I've found my motivation to study which is great. Luckily for me my mother in law is on hand with her printer as mine has yet again decided it hates me! Still, where there's a will there's a way!

10) I officially couldn't give a flying monkeys arse about certain school mums! I now talk to a good handful of mums and have noticed the ones who ignore not just me but other mothers too are completely alone until their clique arrives. That's how much they've alienated themselves and its sad but I'm pleased I no longer feel less than them. It's all about confidence really, so I found some!

As usual, thank you for reading. Here's to February!



  1. Great list! Glad that Kat pointed you my way-- as yes that is the reason I started Ten Things to Smile about almost 3 years ago now I think- it was after a rough month where I knew I needed to refocus and find something good.

    So so awesome you found a great toddler group-- and free! That is awesome as everything seems to cost something now days. And good for you and for the other moms banding together-- cliques are never fun and you would think as adults people would be mature enough to not form them, but obviously not the case.
    Awesome on the photoaday! It is not easy to get one everyday.

    Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to get to know you some more and of course see your list next month.

  2. I love that you say mum. I can imagine you speaking too! My step mom is from England and I always love listening to her talk. Especially when she says Garage. She says it like GARE AGE or something like that-- what a fun list!! I've gotta get back into doing my photo-a-days... I've been a slacker! But, I still take a ton of pictures so I figure that is good enough for now. New follower too! hugs!!
    ps I tried to reply to a comment you left on my blog but it said you were a no-reply blogger-- you might have to update your settings to input your email for people to reply back to your comments :)

  3. Oooh when's the date for Ice House?!

  4. Sounds like you have lots to be cheerful about! Happy birthday to Midge xx

  5. Lovely reasons, Happy (late) Birthday to Midge, glad she had a lovely time :)
    I may well join in on the 10 Good Things, are you going to host a blog hop for it? :) x

  6. Also a new follower via GFC :D x

  7. Well done in finding a great toddler group, there are so many that are very 'cliquey' so I'm glad to hear you've found a nice one for you both to go to :)
    And a rather belated Happy Birthday to Midge! xx

    1. There are arent there? I'm very pleased! Thank you for the birthday wishes x