Winter In The Country..

I used to live out in the sticks. Middle of no where. No mans land. Whatever you want to call it, that's where I used to live.

Some of you may know that often I miss the countryside a lot. Don't get me wrong, living in the town has so many positives for us as a family such as transport, schools, clubs, toddler groups, work and of course- shops!

I'm writing this post because with the changing weather, (it's been bitterly cold down here in the south west) I'm pretty sure some snow isn't far off. A lot of counties have already had a sprinkling but all we've had here so far is dropping temperatures and the council out late gritting the roads.

I wanted to share some photos with you of what winter was like where we used to live. It was very Christmassy and fun playing in thick snow and Midge loved it. Sadly Little Man is yet to experience all the excitement! Anyway, here is what my Christmas used to look like. Perhaps you'll see why I miss the countryside so much sometimes..

The courtyard of our old home.

Such amazing views all year round

Making footprints in the show!

And long, snowy walks all wrapped up. Not a car or tractor in sight!