Reasons To Be Cheerful

This week has been pretty full on and I'm thankful for that to be honest. I've realised getting myself out and about has helped me feel better and less miserable.
I've really enjoyed helping with Midge's class this week and hope I can help a lot more next year. The children are wonderful and so full of energy you can't help but smile to watch them chat and play together.
This week, my Reasons To Be Cheerful are:

1) I went to the Eden Project on Wednesday with Midges's class and the other reception group. We played on the ice and even managed to slot in visiting both biomes which was a lot of fun. I do love the Eden Project but I love watching the children having fun and loosing themselves in their surroundings more.

2) My Mum came over on Thursday and helped us to decorate for Christmas. My lounge is all full of tinsel and lights and feels so cosy with the main light off! I'll be blogging about our decorations soon!

Yes she will kill me!

3) My sister is coming back on the 15th and I cannot wait to see her! I have missed her like mad, like I've lost a part of myself to be honest and it'll be so nice to have her around for a bit. The children are looking forward to seeing her and I know she's looking forward to coming home for Christmas too.

Some good reasons to be happy this week I think. For this coming week, we'll be baking some mince pies for our neighbour who is just a lovely man but gets very ill and has rather more than his fair share of bad luck! I'm also taking Midge out to the store at some point to load up a basket of food for the local Food Bank as part of our 'Things To Do This Winter.'
Until then!



  1. Issy will shoot you for that but it's hilarious!! Love the hat and dummy teeheeee
    I bet the Eden Project was great with all the children, they seem to make a good day out even better. I'd love to revisit the project too as its been about 10 yrs since I last went.
    Great list Hannah and hope you have another fun filled week xxx

    1. Yes, very old photo! She doesn't seem to have spied it yet, maybe she's waiting for the weekend lol. Thanks for hosting this week Kat! xx

  2. I could have sworn I'd commented on this post but it must have got eaten :-(

    Hoping to do our decorations tomorrow.

    I take it that's your sister in the photo :-)

    Liska x

    1. Hi Liska, hope you managed to get your decorations up! Yes, that would be the little sister :-) xx

  3. Lovely reasons! I'm looking forward to seeing a sibling too, it'll only be for a few hours, but better than nothing xx

    1. A small time is better than no time isn't it Joanna? Hope you enjoy it xx