60 Children and The Eden Project

I went with my daughter's reception class today (along with the schools other class too) to the Eden Project. We left after some minor problems were sorted out at the beginning of school and made our way with a coach full of hyperactive 4 year olds!

I have been to Eden on several occasions but never experienced the ice rink so I think I may have been slightly more excited than some of the children! We all got into our groups (Midge was partnered with her best friend and myself which was pretty fun) and we walked down to the ice rink. The rink isn't massive but a fair size and it was littered with ride on toys, walkers, sledges, footballs and so many other fun toys for the children to play with. They played music from popular children's shows but I don't think any of the children heard this with all the fun they were having!

We played on the ice for about an hour. I swear I had the best workout ever on that rink! I pulled so many children around the ice on sledges, one in particular wouldn't let me leave! Maybe I was a super sledge puller or something? I was hot instead of cold upon leaving which is just not the way it's supposed to work is it? I wasn't the only red faced parent there though! 

After all the ice fun we had half an hour for lunch which was a bit chaotic with so many children and constant toilet trips but overall it worked out really well. All the children ate nicely and got excited when they were told we were going to look around the biomes. 

We looked around the Tropical Biome first which is full of all the plants and trees of the rainforest. As it was pretty sunny today the Biome had reached about 30 degrees. Coats came off immediately and I was thoroughly hot and bothered by the time we got to the end! I hate feeling hot and sticky it's blooming awful. Luckily, I bought the girl's drinks with me so they weren't phased by the heat at all. We saw some birds, growing bananas, waterfalls and 'ginormous leaves!' as the children exclaimed.

Next, as a special treat because we had so much spare time before returning home, we looked around the Mediterranean Biome which was much cooler as you can imagine. The children loved the colours, the chilies and of course the wonderful sculptures this Biome holds. 

Sadly, or happily by this time because the children were pretty tired by this point, we made our way back to our coaches for our return trip. The children seemed to have some sort of last minute energy surge because they were pretty loud on the way home! I was poked and prodded by children sitting behind me, asked lots of questions when really I was ready to sleep in my seat! I was good though...I mean, I didn't tell them off when they poked me, I answered all their questions happily and even managed to not urge when the child (and thank goodness the only one!) was puking just across from me! 

It was such a lovely day and all the children were so well behaved. If you're ever able to help with your schools' trips, I'd really recommend joining in. The children can be hard work sometimes but I figured the teachers have this 5 days a week all day so surly I could manage a few hours with other people's children? I did alright too!


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