To Do This Winter: Decorate The Tree

 Hello readers, I am finally back to blogging after briefly loosing my Internet connection! I recently posted about out Winter Things To Do to round off a rather good year with my family. One of the first things we all wanted to do was decorate our Christmas tree! 

Lovely, sparkly tree! 
Adding more decorations

We gathered all our tinsel and baubles  fixed our tree together and checked the lights all worked before popping them on. After that was all sorted we cracked on with the fun! Midge and I decorated whilst Little Man just ran around with the baubles like a nutter. I'm really pleased with our tree this year and finally Little Man has become bored of trying to trash it!

Pleased as anything to be helping Mummy!

He's perfectly happy to just watch the
lights now

Tonight we made some glittery pine cones. We went to the Church fare at the weekend which was lovely. We weren't there for long because Little Man got pretty tired by the end of it. We did buy some cupcakes, a new teddy bear for Midge's growing collection and lit a candle for 'Super Nanny.' 
We missed Father Christmas by 10 minutes because there wasn't much to do and I was struggling to entertain Little Man in the Church (he was getting pretty restless and just wanted to go out the door!) We ended up walking around the churchyard which was very relaxing actually. Half way around I found the pine cones and popped them on the heater as soon as I got home so they would dry out. Of course, I forgot about them so we only decorated them tonight. I'll post a picture soon.

The candle we lit in memory of
'Super Nanny'

Amongst the Christmas trees there was a prayer tree. I decided
to write a prayer for Kerry (MultipleMummy)
Little Man loves the church,
it's lovely
So happy with her new teddy and a Christmas
 I really hope you all had a great weekend. Looks like the bad weather is back in Cornwall, i'm glad to be tucked up under my quilt!


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