How They Grow..

My 2 little ones are growing up so fast. Little Man will be two in February and Little Miss will be five, yes FIVE! in January. I think it's time for another Little Catch Up.

Little Miss had her first parents evening last week. Since she's been in reception her learning has really come on. She's much more confident and seems to of made a lot of new friends. We've been to a lot of birthday parties with all the other children and she hasn't clung to me at all.
Her reading is coming along but its maths she prefers (which is annoying because I'm useless at it!) 
We've just had our second week of ballet which she was much more confident with. I had second thoughts about taking her but after a chat with 2 lovely ladies on Twitter, I decided she should still go otherwise I might make her shyness worse. I've bought her some proper ballet shoes and because she is enjoying herself I'll be paying her terms fees this Saturday.

What else to say about Midge? She's not such a Midge that's for sure! Now a size 10 with a lot of clothes in the charity bag, to say we're looking forward to Christmas would be an understatement! She's looking after her brother more, getting him out of bed in the morning which is really sweet! Every night she goes to bed with 3 books. She can't read them but enjoys making up stories which is lovely to hear! 

Now Little Man. Well, he's certainly shot up that's for sure! There are a load of his clothes in the charity store and another bag with some little bits like socks and hats her never wore! He's running around like he's always on a mission and really is the opposite to his big sister in that he's so curious and in to everything. 
If you read my previous post, you'll know Little Man had a bit of a scare the other morning. Thankfully he's on the road to recovery and I'm hoping he'll be back to his normal self by the end of the week. He's a real Mummy's boy at the moment which can be very hard work as you may know if you have a bit of a cling on!

Both of my babies are growing very fast, learning new things all the time. I love doing A Little Catch Up every now and then and I just love reading back every few months or so as well. It's really surprising how quick our little ones grow.



  1. kids grow up fast.
    As a mum, sometimes we wish they grow up fast, sometimes we dont:)

    1. You couldn't be more right thanks for commenting :)