Croup and Our 5am Wake Up

When Midge was a baby she had croup a few times. It wasn't pleasant but sounded worse than it actually was. A swift visit to the GP confirmed our thoughts and we went off to go back to our Olbus Oiled bedrooms and steamed bathrooms. A few days later she was right as rain and we never heard from croup again!

It was 5am this morning however, that we had a return of this here croup. Actually, at first it wasn't apparent what was wrong. The house was quiet then..Scream. My Little Man was screaming, panicking and it was terrifying. I calmed him down taking him into my bedroom for cuddles. It was then that we heard the oh so familiar sound of that seal-like bark. Something was different with this case of croup though and that was that Little Man was really struggling to breathe.

In the end we called an ambulance. As soon as the crew walked in they knew what was wrong. We sat with him in the bathroom and gave him some Anbesol to help his teething which was stressing him out. His temperature and pulse were high and the crew agreed that it was best to take him in. I was so scared it was unreal! I did feel bad at first, here I was with a baby with common croup when someone could be laying at the bottom of some stairs...I soon left that thought behind though, I know I was right and who really  likes calling out the ambulance anyway?

Poorly boy in the waiting room and fast asleep waiting
for Grandma

Once in the ambulance his temperature went up a little bit more as did his pulse. He had some more Calpol and was put on the nebuliser which was the same as sitting in a steamy bathroom just with the added benefit of saline to help his chest. I can't thank the paramedics enough, they were so supportive, helpful and kind. Even when I sprayed Calpol all over the place and had to have a whole syringe re-filled and passed to me!

With the steroid solution kicking in, he was more
awake and wanted to enjoy some games. Good, because otherwise
it would've been really boring!

The nursers and doctor at the hospital were just as lovely and helpful. Little Man and I waited in a fairly large room on the bed surrounded by Gruffalo wall stickers and toys. He was weighed and had his temperature taken again which thankfully had started to return to normal. Because he was still quite wheezy he was given a steroid solution which we have brought home for him to have over the next few days.

A nice big smile for the camera despite being
He's on the road to recovery now! We've taken on board all the advice, some of which we already knew from Midge's encounter with croup, given to us by the nurses and paramedics. Both my precious babies are tucked up in bed. Hopefully Husband and I can go and stay in our beds a little longer than this morning!


*Please go here for some Information on croup that I've found useful tonight x*