Another Crafty Box!

I love this time of the month! I was so excited (yes, call me sad if you like) to get my next box full of crafty goodies from Crafty Creatives. Yet again, they have not disappointed! This month the theme is wonderfully vintage and festive! If you haven't had your box yet, look away now because I'm about to do some showing off!

I always open my box up trying to figure what the theme is from the paper. Last month was easy with its dark black and red rose design. This time the papers weren't really giving anything away!

There are some great little surprises in the box this month:

This months kit is..Crochet! Instructions and links are provided along with coloured wool, a crochet hook and all the little extras to finish off this cute design. This will be such a challenge for me as someone who couldn't get the hang of knitting (which I know is different!) but still a bit daunting!
A lovely bunch of Cinnamon sticks. Mine are going to go around a nice, medium sized candle as a gift for my Gran this year. I'm also going to make one for myself.
Also there is some beautiful ribbon, small wreath hoops which I can't wait to make up all festive. There is a mini teacup and saucer (not pictured) which I will make into either a ring or pendant. It really is adorable.
Last but not least, some jingle bells!

I love these very festive images sourced from Germany, aren't they just lovely?
There's also a cutting of fabric specially made for this box, a pair of scissors which I was going to ask for for Christmas- handy! I've wanted a pair of scissors to make my cutting a bit more funky!
Finally, aren't these wooden images just too cute? I really don't think I can part with this item so may have to make something just for me and my home.

If you have received your box, what are you planning to make with this months festive collection? Are you a bit daunted by the kit this month too? 
Have fun and share your makes!


  1. ohh what are these boxes, they look really exciting!

    1. They are full of surprise crafts just so much fun! check them out! xx

  2. Wsn't it great! I am officially addicted to Crafty Creatives.

    I posted a review on my blog too :)


    1. Hi Josephine thanks i'll check yours out! I love the boxes, great aren't they? x

  3. this is so amazing.
    Box is a simple thing but human creative mind colours it amazingly!