Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a relaxed few days here in the Cupcake House but there are a lot of things lined up to keep the old mind ticking over. Every single day so far Midge’s school has stuffed a letter into her little red book bag about some event coming up or the need for more parents to help out.
Next week for example, I’m at the tree decorating ceremony in the hall in the morning. I have to make sure I’m there nice and early and have to make sure Midge’s decoration is made and completed by Friday so she can hang it up on the school tree. Apparently the best one in each class wins a prize or something like that so, as you can imagine, she’s keen to make something pretty.
 I have to start make her an Angel outfit for the upcoming Christmas play. 

Midge has been chosen as one of the angels so I need to put something together that she’ll both love and feel comfortable in. My Mum would make our costumes for our Christmas plays every year. You would never catch her buying them. 1, the outfits can look pretty awful and 2, money was better spent to be honest!
I’m keen to follow in my Mum’s footsteps and create something for Midge. I am yet to figure out my sewing machine but will not give up. I have had a brain wave though! Midge still has her bridesmaids dress  from our wedding day in her toy box (it’s now a princess dress apparently!) so all she needs is some tinsel sewn on the bottom, some wings with more tinsel sewn on and something pretty to dress up her head. My mum used to make me a little halo out of tinsel and something else but I’m thinking of a really sweet head band, circle shaped to sit on her head with pretty flowers on it. Bit hippy-ish I suppose but lovely!

On Tuesday we have the parent and child Christmas Workshop. We put our names down to make some Christmas trees. No idea how fun this will be but Midge and I will get some ‘us’ time and there will be some Christmas artwork on the walls! Wednesday I’ve volunteered myself to go on a trip to Eden Project with all the children from reception, so I’ll be hopping on a coach and spending all day in St.Austell to help them with lunch and playing on the ice!

That leads me to Friday (thank goodness for Thursday!) On Friday it’s the Christmas Fare at school so we’ll all be going including my beautiful little niece. We’ll look after her an hour whilst my sister-in-law helps out.  There will be lots of  little bits to buy and we have a very important appointment with Father Christmas Himself at 2.30pm for Midge, Little Man and my niece. Be great to see how that turns out!
I’m really looking forward to next week and of course this week I get to put the decorations up! Midge wanted to see what the tree looked like so I put it up..Now it’s just sitting there BEGGING to be decorated. It’s only a day early right?



  1. I have no idea how I'm going to cope with all this school stuff once N gets to school age. I work nowhere near home/the school, so am a tad concerned that there's a lot of things I'd want to get involved with and wouldn't be able to - doesn't help that v few of the mums in the local village work so can help out (although the same ones do get put upon a lot). Hope you have a good start to Christmas week.
    Found you on the BYOBH

    1. Hi Thanks for your comment. I don't work at the moment so i kind of feel like i should help out a bit. I totally understand how you feel though, as you work I don't think you'd be looked down on for not being able to help out (id hope!) Lots of the parents have other children so can't help out, i'm lucky that my husband works evenings so i can do a bit more, besides i get to see the eden project for free! x