Embracing The Rain!

So the weather has been pretty awful recently hasn't it? Several times I've walked home from school with Midge clutching my hand ever so tightly shouting, 'Mummy! I don't want to blow away!' Bless her, at point I was carrying her back home and she's not a small 4 year old!

As it's been pretty horrible here in Cornwall I've been donning my welly boots (which I love) on almost every school run for the past couple of weeks. If there is one thing that's going to send me blasting back to my childhood, acting like a total fruit loop in front of strangers and not gibing two hoots, it's going to be popping on welly boots and splashing in puddles! You know what's even more fun? Splashing in puddles with Midge!

We did stop our puddle jumping session for a small photo of our rather wet but warm feet though:

As long as you're safe and wrapped up warm, do go puddle jumping too!



  1. Loving that picture! Wanting to get out with the kids and do some of this myself :-). Popped over from BYOBH, though I know you anyway!

    1. Thank you! I just become a big kid all over again! Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  2. Glad to see you and Midge are making the weather fun, wish I could up here! xxx