A Pot Of Gold.

This has nothing to do with me chasing rainbows I'm afraid. Not so. I was recently sent a rather lovely product to review called 'Pot Of Gold Baby Balm.' This baby balm isn't just for babies, but can be used for the whole family. What's so different I hear you ask?

Well, check out the ingredients: organic palm oil, coniferous tree sap extract, raw organic beeswax, vanilla essential oil.

Do you see anything remotely 'nasty' there? I certainly don't and that's just the first reason why I'd buy this product again in the future and why I'd highly recommend it to other parents and their children. 

I first used the Pot Of Gold Baby Balm on my son. He's 21 months so still in nappies and unfortunately lately he's been getting a bit of a sore bottom. I've been one to go to those bigger brands that may work but are full of all sorts of ingredients that really most of us (including me) ignore. I have given the balm a fair while to work, just to make sure it really was going to live up to its name! It really is my little pot of gold and I carry it everywhere with me! My sons bottom has never looked so clear and soft. It's usually always a bit red and takes a while for other baby creams to work. This Baby Balm worked much, MUCH quicker.

Not only is the Pot of Gold Baby Balm made for babies bottoms, but I was also told I could try it on cradle cap, eczema, stretch marks and also on my dry lips. My lips have been super soft in this horrid, chilly weather and my 4 year old, who had a VERY sore ear (which shampoos and creams even prescribed from the GP have not managed to clear up)is happy again because behind her ear is no longer sore or itchy. In fact it has COMPLETELY gone away!

Not the best photo (who wants their ears pulled!?) but the difference
is noticeable

I've used the balm on my stretchmarks when they itch and I have found it to be quite soothing. I imagine it would've been the same feeling my son had once I applied it to his bottom!

Pot of Gold Baby Balm really is an all over natural skin care product. It has a beeswax base which means you don't have to use a lot. It may be a little pricey for most parents at £8.20 for a 50g pot but trust me, it lasts far more longer then other chemical filled baby products and is just fabulous on the skin. You need the smallest amount on your finger tips, and if the temperature is a little cold, simply rub the balm between your fingers to warm it up. You'll soon see what I mean by a little goes a long way!

Pot of Gold is based on a family recipe which is now in its 6th generation and is made in New Zealand.  One of my favourite things about this product? If you're having a rather bad day, opening up a pot to use on your babies bottom and seeing this is going to make you feel even that little bit better!


* I was sent a 50g 'Pot of Gold Baby Balm' for the purpose of this review and as always my words and opinions are all of my own*


  1. This actually looks brill! First product review I've seen from a blogger that I actually want to go out and buy! xx

    1. That's quite a complement! Thank you. It really is an amazing product xx

  2. WoW, that sounds like some great stuff. Squish gets really bad nappy rash and has sensitive skin so I have been looking for something natural for him. Will google it later. Love the note inside. That is such a sweet touch that ALL Mums will appreciate xx

    1. It is honestly the best thing I have ever had my hands on and its a baby cream! lol If you do buy it Kat I hope it helps Squish as much as its helped my 2! xxx