This Weeks Reasons To Be Cheeful

Well, the weather has turned and the school runs are a little wet to say the least! I'm very happy to have my spotty wellies which make this wet weather a lot more enjoyable. On the way home from school, Midge and I did lots of puddle jumping which set me in a rather good mood for the rest of the afternoon!

Today I got a little package of mustaches  I know, how random. I did win them though as part of a Twitter party and it's all part of the Movember fun. Anyway, there was more than enough for all of us! As you can see below:

Family fun is always a reason to be cheerful!

Little Feet. Oh I just love them! This is Little Man's step by step guide on how to successfully watch TV and find your foot (not forgetting to have a good nibble) all at the same time. Now one thing that makes me cheerful? Laughing a lot!

Finally, cake, cream and chocolate syrup. That must be a reason to be cheerful!

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  1. Love the moustaches!!! Great reasons, enjoy your cakes :) x

  2. Oh my word, the moustaches are fantastic! So funny! x

  3. Loving the movember look haha! And I think I may be a little in love with that last sticky, gooey, delicious looking picture!!!!

    1. Thanks maybe i should keep it? Or not! FYI the cake was gooood! Thanks for commenting x

  4. I love your list: Movember antics, foot chewing and dreamy pudding? Who wouldn't be cheerful.