When Your Baby Just Won't Stop Crying

If you're here looking for answers, for an amazing new product or some revolutionary piece of advice, then I'm sorry, but you're out of luck. However, if you're here because you've just had the night from hell then please, take a seat, have a cuppa and know you're not alone.

Last night my Little Man (who is 20 months old) cried and cried and cried. He cried from 9pm until 3am. We watched Charlie and Lola 3 different times. He was offered milk which he refused and offered it again later which he drank. He had calpol. Lots of hugs, 'shhh'ing and pacing was done both by myself and my Husband. Neither of us could settle him.

He wasn't wet and hadn't soiled his nappy. He is teething and he was over tired. Actually he was past over tired in all honesty and just wouldn't let himself go. His head touched the cot and he screamed.

We tried the ever controversial control crying. That was useless with my Midge who didn't sleep through the night until she was 2 and a half years old (I know, hold me) but it has worked with Little Man in the past when he was being a little bit cheeky with his sleep. This time he wasn't being cheeky, or stubborn. There was something wrong and something I couldn't do anything about.

We got to the stage where the crying was too much and of course the Husband and I started to feel the stress and had a few cross words. Let me tell you something. When people are tired they can say the most horrible things but you must try not to bite back. Usually I'm pretty bad when it comes to arguments but last night I bit my tongue and knew it was just the heat of the moment, the awful stress and the crying just going through the both of us.

In the end, after Little man had sat up with Daddy once and then a second time being pushed too and fro in the front room in his stroller (after this all options were exhausted) he fell asleep. He woke up again however headbanging (which we're no stranger to).

At about 3am Husband finally came to bed after insisting I grabbed a few hours because I had to get  up with Midge for the school run. It was at this hour he asked me for a hug and apologised for anything he said. Of course I accepted this apology and told him it was all okay. Luckily, Little Man stayed asleep from that moment until 10am. I did the washing up, made Midge's Harvest Festival costume and tidied a bit before Husband got up at 9.30am.

We managed to have a good day today which makes everything better. I am absolutely shattered but have managed to do the housework, homework, blogging and even cooked myself a decent dinner. No I don't want an award, I'm just surprised at myself.

Last night I felt like leaping out of my window and running away (if I could, what with the broken ankle I'd be sure to end up with!) I hate that feeling of intense desperation that engulfs me when I hit a point of exhausting all avenues. I felt awful that my baby was crying at me and yet I couldn't do a thing to make him better.
Ultimately I know these nights are few and far between (at least I hope!) after being there with Midge I really don't want to go back there with Little Man. Lack of sleep reduces you to a miserable, anti social wreck. I'd go as far to say that when I was in that phase with Midge, I didn't even want to be here anymore. Honest.

Hopefully tonight will be a better night. We are calpoled and Anbesoled up, we are warm and cosy and clean. We have Vicks on the radiator and have had a decent routine to our day with a bit of fresh air too. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. I wouldn't have been able to get through last night without my Husband. He really is my rock.

If you're having trouble with a sleeping child I can really offer you my full sympathy! You are not alone in the slightest.



  1. Sounds exhausting in more ways than one :( Many virtual hugs and I hope he sleeps tonight x

    1. Certainly is! So far so good thank you :) xx

  2. BIG hugs! Been there with my toddler. Hubs are rocks at times of need and I know what you mean by exchanging angry words when tired and not meaning too! x x

  3. Oh no, I hope you have a better night tonight. I always found the nurofen medicine to help better if Alex was in pain, although can't remember what age they can have it from. x

  4. Whoa! My baby has difficulty in sleeping till I discovered this apps. Check It out.