Baking and Football Fun

Saturday (unlike yesterday) was a very good day. I woke up in the right frame of mind and this helped get the day off to a great start. Husband gave me a little lay in after I sorted Little Man and Midge's breakfast while he cleaned his football boots so I got a bit of rest before being woken up by Midge and her new school song. (They're learning a song for their Harvest Festival assembly this Thursday.)

I decided to get my late morning off the ground by spending some time with Midge and baking some cookies. These cookies were so delicious and were gone within the hour (seriously, I think Husband only got half a cookie after I made the mistake of putting them on the kitchen table!)
Midge adores baking and is always asking to make cupcakes but at the moment I'm loving my cookies. We added chocolate chips and Halloween sprinkles to our cookie mix this time and have decided to make some more for our upcoming Halloween party!

At 12 0'clock on a Saturday, Husband always leaves for his football match. For the second week in a row the team were playing a home match so I thought I'd wrap us all up to go and surprise Daddy who had no idea we would be coming to watch him play.
The walk to the park where he plays football is actually quite a nice walk. We usually just walk into town or to school so going somewhere new (with a park) is always a nice thing to do. Midge took her scooter while Little Man played with a huge leaf which had fallen from a tree.

Midge's fabulous find of the day! Pretty little

The leaf is bigger than his head!

When we got there, both Midge and Little Man grabbed themselves one of the teams footballs and passed it to each other. Husband is very pleased they both seem to be showing an interest in the sport! Sadly, their team didn't win but we all had a nice day anyway.

Bonding over football

Daddy the goalie

I really enjoyed getting some fresh air and enjoyed watching Husband do something he really loves. We all need 'me time' after all. The children had fun running around, clapping and cheering and 'wowing' when Daddy kicked the ball 'sooo high!' and Midge would have a good laugh when a player would slip over in the mud. Several times she shouted, 'Mummy, that man has mud all up his backside!'

You've got to love them right? I hope everyone had a good weekend whatever you got up to!

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