Check Out My Makes!

Recently I blogged about Crafty Creatives. I get a box of surprise crafty items each month and it is honestly the highlight of whichever day it happens to arrive on! This months box is all Gothic themed in honor of Halloween (which i love) so I dived in on Friday evening and started making things!

First up was this masquerade mask. I followed the very clear instructions of laying clingfilm over the paper and covering the film with some white netting which was also supplied. Following the lines with my fabric paint was easy and soon it was all finished and ready to dry,

On Saturday evening I pulled all the tape off and tried peeling the clingfilm from the netting as instructed. This doesn't actually work very well (and I'm not the only one who this happened to!) so I just left it on and cut carefully around the mask. I made a hole either side of the mask and husband tied ribbon because I was struggling with my child sized head shape! 
With some finishing touches added (fabulous, super soft feathers also found in the craft box) I was ready to have my photo taken! I went with one silly and one 'not bad' pose:

As you can see from my photo I made several other items too. I really wanted to do something with the pretty resin roses so I thought I'd do the most simple thing and make myself a very bold, statement piece of jewelry  I peeled off the rose, chose the black blank ring and grabbed my super glue! It's all stuck on very well and suits my hand just right.

No matter what I do the rose always comes our blue. It is purple though
and just gorgeous!

My last craft was making myself a new necklace. I took the cabochon and placed one of my favourite images from the vintage papers supplied into the pendant. I then glued the top on which magnifies the image. It looks spooky. My husband asked me to take it off when we went to bed because it freaked him out! Personally I love it and I shall definitely be breaking it out for Halloween. I was going to use ribbon but found an old necklace (I collect ugly ones from charity stores so I can reuse the chains) and popped the cabochon onto the silver chain instead. What do you think?

 There are still a lot of things to make from this months kit but I just don't have the time right now. I'm still making things from last months kit as well! If you have subscribed to Crafty Creatives then i'd love to know what you think of my makes and what you plan to do with yours!



  1. I like your makes! I also made a ring from the purple flower :-)

  2. Gorgeous makes. I am puzzling what to do with the wings. The roses are perfect for rings. Is it awful I'm desperate for next months already?

  3. The line about your husband being freaked out was very funny.

  4. What a great idea, Crafty Creatives sounds wonderful! I love the things that you've made.