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It's a very cold evening here in Cornwall so I'm typing this under my lovely quilt on the sofa! The whole week has been pretty cold, winter is on its way. This week I've been doing crafting and planning our upcoming Halloween party which I'm looking forward to!

Midge has had both a golden ticket at lunch time for observing the school rules (she got the ticket for her manners) and also received 'star of the day' on Tuesday, so I'm a very proud Mummy. Today her class celebrated all things French. She came out of school with her face painted as a mime artist and her little hands clenching a chocolate chip croissant. She's always refused to eat them but seems to have found a love for them...I bet she doesn't eat the ones I've bought from Iceland earlier!

Enjoying her snack

Little Man has been on some growth spurt this week. I'm not sure what I've added to his milk but he's just shot up out of no where! He's dancing around and making his Dad and I laugh so hard. He was amazingly good at the dentist receiving a sticker for having very clean and healthy teeth! He's added 'Uh, Oh' to his cute vocabulary as well as more normal words such as 'Daddy' and 'Bye.' I'm loving every moment of watching him grow and thankfully I'm not finding it too fast.

I recently received a craft box of goodies the other day so started on my first make which was a little notebook with instructions on how to do Japanese Stab Stitching. I found this a bit fiddly but overall I'm very happy with the result! Midge helped me by pulling the thread through the holes.

Showing off our work
The finished notebook
Tomorrow, the Husband has a football match which I would go and watch with the children but I'm a bit worried about the weather! I think we'll go for having a nice lay in, baking a hazelnut and chocolate cake and finishing my November Thanksgiving Calender with Midge. Hope you've all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend.


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