Blogging History!

I have come to witness a fair number of amazing things happen over the course of this year and I feel like I've really got something to look back on. When my children have children I'll be able to tell them about the time I watched the Olympic Torch travel through a local village and I got so close. Then I'll show them the photos of the amazingly patriotic event.

Then there was the actual Olympics which isn't going to be happening in this country in my life time again (or until I'm very old if lucky!) Granted, I only watched it live on my television but I still felt a part of something. If I was there it would've been the most incredible atmosphere but everything and everyone would've been tiny little dots whereas on my TV I saw every little detail. I felt truly proud to be British on that day.

Then tonight, well there was only word for what I was watching live on TV tonight and that is: WOW.
Felix Baumgartner has skydived 24 miles from Earth and it was AMAZING. My heart was thumping watching him go down, especially when he started to turn a bit. He landed like he had just done a run of the mill skydive and not a record breaking jump!

They are appalling quality photos but hey, I have those photos now and with them the memory of history in the making.



  1. It was phenomenal wasn't it? My heart was in my mouth lol!

  2. Me too! It was truly amazing x