Washi Tape Frame

I took up a crafting challenge this week to make something using Washi Tape. I'm very new to Washi Tape (I let it all by pass me and decided not to bother getting into the hype) but I think I may have missed a very good crafting item! Until now anyway..

I bought some tape, just a small one to try out. I knew you could use the tape to make clothes pegs look pretty and less boring and brighten up notebooks etc but I wanted to do something different. So I give you my Washi Tape photo frame:

I took a long photo frame from my storage cupboard which had gone unused and ignored and started to tape over the wooden frame. I had already made these hearts from a magazine last month. They were going to be bunting but I wanted to be more creative.

I stuck the polka dot tape over the board and super glued the hearts leaving the glass off.

Finishing touches

For my first attempt at using Washi Tape I'm very pleased with what I have made. I was going to put it in the children's bedroom but it actually brightens my hallway up so I'll leave it there. 

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  1. It's lovely! I'd quite like a go with some washi tape, there's so much to choose from that I don't know where to start!

    1. Ah thank you Jennifer :) I got my tape from eBay but you're right there's a lot of choice!x