Making (Mum) Friends..

Is hard right? I don't have very many friends (my closest is actually my pen pal which doesn't bother me in the slightest!) I do have friends locally. They're more of the 'swap the children for dinner nights and catch up at a children's birthday' kind of friends but hey, there are a lot of birthday parties so there is plenty of time to become firm(er) friends!

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't have many friends especially Mum friends. It doesn't really surprise me in total honesty because I've stopped going to baby classes. It's only recently I've been thinking that Little Man could be missing out on some one on one time, some cool toys and some company of his own age- but these groups are so off putting to me!

If you're brave enough, you'll start the conversation and usually a good way is by complimenting their baby right? Or is this just me? I genuinely mean my compliments ('Oh how sweet' 'Oh gosh isn't he tiny?' or 'I love her dress,') Mums love little things like that don't we? Those few little words can create a small gap for further conversation such as, 'how old is he then?' you get the idea.

Often I can see that a lot of Mums aren't really up for this 'getting to know each other' lark and as soon as their little clique or buddy comes a long you've got no chance. I usually wait for Little Man to get up to no good at this point because it means I can get up from my awkward patch and 'tell him off' when really he's just saved me from being a total loser talking to nobody. See, that's how I end up feeling at Mum and baby groups: A loser.

I know for a FACT I'm not the only one who feels this way. Perhaps some would say it's my attitude?  That I allow myself to feel this way? Then again, I don't know many people who can just walk into chatting circle of Mothers and feel able to strike up a conversation. I always feel like I try first, with a smile, then with a little small talk and yet still I never seem to get anywhere!

I've come to the conclusion after writing the above that I WILL start attending toddler classes again but with a new attitude. I shall adopt the 'i'm here for my son,' attitude whilst remaining happy and friendly towards others. I suppose it would be an undetectable 'take it or leave it' attitude which means we can all leave at the end of the day happy. I could gain a mate or two or just leave with my little boy who has had fun and bonded with his Mummy for a few hours.
Win win I say.