Poorly Tummies, Birthday Prep and Half Term!

Hello! I am back after a fair few days of being quiet on the blogging front. I was very unwell last Thursday. It all started off at midday just before I was due to leave home and watch Midge at her Harvest Festival when I developed a terrible pain my stomach. Because it was such bad cramp I figured it was something to do with my IBS, took a few remedies and went to watch Midge perform anyway (I wasn't missing it for anything!) The que to get into the hall was huge, Mum and I were very lucky to get a seat (even if it was just the end of a bench!) We were right near Midge who was desperately looking out for us in the crowded hall.

Her Harvest Festival was really brilliant. I videoed it for Husband and her Nanny who has just had an operation so was unable to come and watch so I don't have any photos but what I did snap a shot of  was her fantastic drawing on the 'Dazzle Board.' She was put on the board for her great piece of work on observational drawing. Definitely another creative little person to add to the family!

Midge's daisy drawing

Unfortunately, when I got home my cramp and sickness become worse. Husband went out to get some special tablets for me to try which helped a little. My Mum, in the mean time, had to go and do some of my weekly shopping! Midge tagged along and Little Man was napping.
I spent the rest of the night clutching my sick bowl and feeling sorry for myself!

By Friday I was shattered and mostly slept. I managed to eat a little as the day went on and saw Midge off for her last day of school before the Half Term. I'm really looking forward to this Half Term as we have our Halloween Party and I promised we'd go swimming too.
Midge had a great time at the after school monster party and came home loaded up on sugar! (Thanks staff!) Husband took another day off work as I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

I woke on Saturday feeling a little delicate but no longer in pain which was enough to make me happy! My sister in law popped over and gave me a onesie which is all pink and covered in cupcakes. It's so warm but needs a little taking up as I'm so short! Look out for photos soon (yes, I do look like a giant baby and no, I don't care.)

Later on in the day Husband left for football so I took Midge and Little Man to Penzance on the train all by myself! Little Man was pretty ratty and ended up sleeping on me as we traveled home. Midge developed another earache but was really well behaved. I bought a few more Christmas presents which is the main reason we went over there in the first place so I was pleased.

In other news, it's my birthday tomorrow which I'm really quite excited about and I just know I'll blog about it. Husband has been swearing as he wraps gifts in the kitchen and has baked me a delicious smelling chocolate cake (with a little guidance from me of course) By the looks of things I've been a little spoilt this year but I'm always grateful whatever I get. I'll be seeing my Gran and Aunt in the early evening before the children go to bed and my parents will spend some of the evening with me as Husband works in the evenings not returning until 11pm.
So, tomorrow I'll be showing off my birthday post as soon as I can. There are a couple of other special birthdays out there tomorrow so happy birthday if it is yours too! I'll leave you now with my freshly carved little pumpkin. x