Birthday Post!

It's Birthday Time!!

Ah finally I get a chance to blog about my birthday. I turned 23 on Monday and had such a wonderful day. I was all recovered from whatever horrible illness I had a few days previous (much to my joy!) I had nothing planned, just a nice, normal day with my family to start half term.

I was woken up at half 6 by Midge. This is too early for me and she knows it by now! I felt her snuggle up beside me, then half an hour later Daddy brought up some presents. I had lots of help from both Midge and Little Man that morning. Here's Midge showing off the lovely cushions she helped Daddy find just for me.

I opened one other present before breakfast which was a really, really pretty necklace I had spotted when out shopping in a local charity store. Now, some people may pull a face at a thrifty find being given as a gift, but I could not have been happier. It smells so old, it's from Spain and is also a locket. Thank-you Dearest!

After we all had breakfast and watched a bit of TV my Husband was desperate to show off the cake he had made me. I was very pleased indeed! He bought some candles, made a lovely chocolate icing and the children refrained from poking their fingers in (long enough for this photo to taken anyway!)

In the above photo is: 
My lovely birthday cake.
A really, gorgeously soft pink blanket covered in cupcakes and 2 cupcake note pads from the lovely Kat who blogs at Kat A Pillar. Thank you so much Kat, my gifts are fab!
My Hello Kitty balloon that Midge insisted Daddy bought for me...I'm thinking it was more for somebody else though!

I received a lovely cook book from Husband as well as a Florence and the Machine CD with our wedding song on and the prettiest wellies I have ever seen. Seriously, pink polka dotted wellies with ribbons on!
Husbands' parents got me a great little kit to make some lavender hearts and I also got some other craft bits and a handy little notebook (I love making notes)

I was seriously spoiled this year. To add to my list I received: some rather tasty smelling bath bombs, a new sewing machine (thank you family!!), chocolate, a lovely onesie from my sister so now I have 2 which is ace, a lovely new jumper with some new pajama bottoms and my sister-in-law bought me this great little kit to make your own purse. I'm half way through and can't wait to finish it so I can show it off!

I had such a wonderful day and I got even more than I have written. I do love a birthday! 
Look out for my new blog post on our rather awesome Halloween party that we've literally just finished and also my Mug Swap link up party!