What A Week!

My my what a week! I'm sure most parents are feeling pretty happy that it's finally Friday (this week has gone so slow for me) I am ready for the weekend! Tomorrow we are having a lovely little party for my sister (whose blog you can check out here) she's off to university next week so I thought we needed to have a little 'send off' for her. I've gone with a 'rainbow' theme. Not so many rainbows included but more like bright colours.

Anyway, for a little re-cap, Midge has just finished her first full week of school and she has loved it. We've had a certificate for settling in so well, made a new best friend who is very quickly becoming like another limb and already been placed 'on the cloud' for leaving class without telling the teacher and then fibbing. I may have to do another post entirely on this subject!

The days have felt pretty long but Midge is already settling in well and her teachers seem pleased with her. She's still pretty stroppy as the evening goes on but hopefully as time goes by her body will get used to these longer days of fun and learning and eventually my little angel (I wish) will return.

Little Man had his first pair of wellies this week (big, blue pirate ones no less) which he just loves to stomp around in. I'll be sure to post those photos up soon. I have managed to get out and do a bit of what I call 'scavenger hunting' this week in my local charity shops and have two items I want to share with you. First is this not so nice necklace (if you like it fair enough but it's not my thing)

Why buy it then? I hear you ask. Well, I'll show  you why I bought it:

Isn't it lovely? I'm going to pop her on some silver chain to wear around my neck. I have wanted an item of jewelry like this for a long time and when I saw this just hanging there added to this chunky necklace I had to have it.
There are also lots of lovely beads I can use to make bracelets and anklets, not mention this beautiful cross which is also on it. 

The second item I wanted to show you is this beautiful teacup I found surrounded by all sorts of ugly mugs (real mugs- not people) I had to have it! My plan is to fill it with wax and make a tea cup candle for my Gran as a Christmas gift. I'm also going to make her some earrings and soap. What do you think?

It's even got a cute tassel!
As for now though I have to get back to baking. So far I've made 3 cakes to sandwich together with thick icing and jam, I let the husband decorate (it is now resembling some sort of creature from Monsters Inc.) but it's creative and after my marzipan disaster I think it looks better to be out on the table!

I've also got a bunch of balloons to blow up and hang from the ceiling (talking of ceilings, my cupcake bunting has been made so that's also going up tonight!)
Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog tomorrow.



  1. Glad school is going ok - even when you're 14 & 16 like my 2 it takes a week or so to get back into routine and be less tired.

    Great CS finds - that cup & saucer is fab and will look great as a candle :)

    1. Thanks Vicki :) I hope my gran thinks so too! I'm glad to hear older ones still take time to re adjust too i mean after 6 weeks who wouldnt? x

  2. THat is a lovely gift idea for your grandmother. I bet she'll love it. The cup is so pretty too!

    I'd love to see the cakes your husband decorated. Monster Inc. is one of my favorite animated movies!

    1. You have no idea how long i was searching for a mug and then it was just there :)
      Lol it wasn't aynything like anything as cool as that, more of a gooey monster mess haha! x

  3. I love the cross that you made for your sister! You could sell stuff like that on E-bay.