A Colourful Farewell!

Next week my younger sister leaves for university, so we figured it would be nice to throw her a little good luck/goodbye party. I chose to go with a bit of a theme (not entirely) of bright colours. I pinned balloons to my ceiling, made a colourful cake and put my new bunting up which added something really special to the celebration (and makes my kitchen look more 'me' again)

The first thing I wanted to do was to give my sister her gifts. I used the cross from the necklace I found in my local charity store to make a nice, simple necklace for my sister to hang up somewhere instead of wear as she isn't particularly religious but I wanted to give her something which I felt would be nice to have in her room. I like to hold my cross sometimes and I also keep a prayer book which is easier for me these days.
I also gave her a letter writing set slightly different from the one I have bought myself (I just love snail-mail) so when my mail comes through I'll know exactly who has written to me: my lovely little sister!

Now for some party photos!
Little Man actually ran off with the hummus and I found
him eating it off of his hands!

Painstakingly aligned!

Mum's lemon meringue pie-Best. Pie. Ever.
(I made the meringue credit where credits due!)

Vegan Cookies

Gluten/Dairy free multi coloured cake!
So, all in all it was a great day. We had a laugh taking photos (they never did turn out right. We were way too busy having a laughing fit!) My sister loved her gifts including a webcam the rest of the family bought for her so she can keep in contact via Skype while we're all so far away.

So that's it. Come Saturday morning she'll be snoozing in the back of a car with Mum at the wheel and Dad on the map all packed up and ready to start her next chapter. A very good chapter I hope.
Goodluck Issy!

CupcakeMumma x


Unknown said...

I'll miss you big sis :) Only 12 weeks and I'll come back with a big Christmas present from up country - might even make the effort to go down to London for you ;)

Kat Sighs said...

WoW, I love your kitchen, Hannah! The bunting is fabulous and makes it feel really special. I might find/make some for mine too. I love all your cupcake pictures too!

Looks like you all had a fabulous day. Good luck to Issy too. I must pop over and read her blog...

Hannah said...

Thanks Kat! I do love ,y little kitchen and it makes you WANT to be in there now to make the rest of the house feel the same way hey!!

Hannah said...

Don't you dare go to london without me! If i go can i crash with you or is that not allowed lol! x

Heather said...

Aw, your kitchen is so pretty!!

Unknown said...

Haha of course you can. You may feel a bit old hanging out in my block with 29 other freshers! We'll have to meet up for a day in London, you're very welcome to come stay at mine! xxx

Hannah said...

Lol i can still throw a few shapes, get 'in' with the crowed...no i can't who am i kidding?! Hopefully it wont be too noisey for my rather sensitive nature haha but i am totally taking you up on this i have SO many things to see in london xx

Hannah said...

Thank you so much! :)

Unknown said...

You may need some ID before you come up then :P Haha okay! You can be my blocks Mummy for a few days, come and make us all cupcakes! xxx

Unknown said...

What a lovely thing to do - looks fantastic! x