It was a bit of a mixed day yesterday. Weather wise the sun was shining and it felt quite warm which was a considerable contrast to cold and wet the day before. We had a pretty miserable night, well I did, Husband has a knack of sleeping through anything which I'm very jealous of! The children were up twice, I think the noise outside disturbed Little Man a bit but he soon settled off with a kiss and a cuddle.
I was kept up till 4am thanks to some drunken tiff or something like that, I really have no desire to spy on these people and find out. Once he left the youngsters came out to create a bit of their own noise for half an hour before scuttling off as well.

So as you can imagine I wasn't too pleased to be greeted by Midge waking me up at 7.30am no matter how reasonable that time may be. Husband left me to have a lay in but I quite fancied us all going out as a family. Unfortunately we ended up having a minor disagreement setting my mood right back. We also decided that perhaps swimming wasn't such a great idea and opted for Heartlands instead.

As luck would have it, Heartlands is right next door to Comet. Why is this luck I hear you ask? Well, thanks to a rather substantial milk spillage the previous day our microwave decided it had enough of our family and refused to work anymore. Not even a fuse change could tempt it. Another bit of luck was having received a £50 gift voucher for Comet from some family members which we're really grateful for! We let Midge pick out the microwave on the way home and I have to say she chose a nice small, stylish one.

We all walked to Heartlands which was a bit tiring being that all of us were a bit worse for wear. We had a good look around the outdoor and indoor market, found a nice hair band for Midge for 50p but not much else. We then went to Tesco for a spot of lunch. I was a bit fed up at this point. Midge was getting an earache, Little Man wasn't interested in eating his lunch which I had just spent £2.50 on and a lady in the que bitched about us taking too long in the children's section. We heard her well enough but never really bite back. What's the point? If you have nothing nice to say just don't bother saying anything surly? We sat in front of them as well which was annoying, I was in a much better mood when she left!

  We finally got to Heartlands where we had a quick walk through. The children played on the grass, the sun held out and Little Man had his first dip in the running river. I have to say that I am glad we did decide to go out and about. The fresh did us some good and the children had fun.

Midge's earache came out good and proper when we returned home so she went to bed all dosed up and warm while Husband and I caught up on our trashy television and I started making my sisters going away present which is proving difficult with limited funds!

Shattered after a long day. But still smiling.



  1. You are right Hannah,getting out for fresh air does perk everybody up.I think your Midge looks so smiley in that photo,hope her ears feel better today.And grr to the miserable people in the cafe que,some people have no consideration for others! Have a great bank hol Monday:-)

    1. Thanks Jess it's most annoying when people are rude! Modge is much better now thanks :) xx